Google Ads On My Website

This is an experimental post on how to get Google Ads into my website. Its major purpose is to see if adding this simple long tailed keyword will help with traffic. That being said, I don't want readers to feel thwarted, so I did some research and here's what I found.

For starters, I did what anyone might have done - I searched using this exact keyword. High up on the results page (after the paid links), I found TheSiteWizard website. Overall, I give the initial look of this site a C-. Obviously, they didn't take any time to work on the look and feel of the site. That being said, I give the content an A - they get right to the point which is what I, as the consumer, want.

They first try to explain exactly what Google AdSense is. I don't want to repeat verbatim, but suffice to say it is a way for advertisers to get their brand in front of consumers. Of course, the more popular the topic, the higher the costs. It is also a way for a popular site to monetize their content.

The balance of the page goes on to explain the the details on how to apply, how to add code, and what not to do. I'll let you follow the link for yourself. Again, the whole purpose of this page was to see what happens when I add a long tail keyword to my site.

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